1. My friend YL at dinner. Every dinner. 


  2. Beijing, 18 months ago: I went to a dingy little divebar called XP to see a band I’d never heard of, called White+

    I say with no exaggeration that the show changed my life.

    It was the inspiration for the first comic I drew on this blog, in a project that would take me to countless shows in countless venues, and help me discover a city I love deeply.

    My happiest memories of Beijing are in its cavernous livehouses, from drunk-singing ‘送春’ at a Residence A show, or pushing punters into moshpits at a sold-out P.K.14 gig.

    Look at me getting all sentimental on a Monday morning. All this because I just hit 50 posts on BeijingBrown. 50 motherflipping posts!

    Expect 50 more in the next six months. =)


  3. More than a year ago, me and a friend took a trip outside Beijing to find an abandoned amusement park. I’ve finally gotten around to drawing it.


  4. I’m watching Hayao Miyazaki’s new film (The Wind Rises) in theaters tomorrow.

    It’s my first Studio Ghibli film on a big screen, and Miyazaki’s last directorial venture. Can’t help but feel a bit emotional about the swansong of a man whose work has influenced me deeply.


  5. I hate my Ukulele.


  6. The Good Beer Company, Chinatown, on a weekday evening. 


  7. Towards a geneaology of Korean drama addiction.


  8. I just signed up for my first-ever 10k run

    So it’s time I came clean on why I started running. 


  9. I’ve been spending a lot of time recently at the LaSalle College of the Arts - partly for the great cafe they have on campus, and partly for the free wine they serve after every event.

    Also, they have amazing public lectures.


  10. Part 1 of a Yangon travelogue.