1. I’m running a daily Instagram comic on getting my first tattoo. It’s called Inked to the Past, and you can follow it all here


  2. I’ve been working on a comic about Singapore independent music for the last six months or so. Here’s a draft of the cover for Issue 1, which cover the late 60s. Pictured: Singapore all-girl Mando-rock band The Vampires, in front of the erstwhile Roxy Theatre on East Coast Rd. 


  3. The final part of my USA tour diary. 

    I’ve combined all these pages into a six-page mini-comic that you can download here!

    It’s totally free, but I’ll be eternally grateful if you leave a tip!


  4. I’m collecting all my USA tour diaries into a mini-comic. Here’s the cover, with a not-so-gentle nod to the videogame Kentucky Route Zero


  5. The second of my USA tour diaries. 


  6. USA Tour Diary I - more coming soon!


  7. Day 1 in the US of A.


  8. An early draft (with text) of a page from my long-form comic book project.


  9. An early draft for a new comic book project on Singapore’s indie music histories.

    Here, we see pre-eminent music archivist Joe Pereira chastise the Sex Pistols. At a kopitiam. 


  10. Two page ‘prologue’ to a longer comic about my favourite neighbourhood in Singapore.